Friday, January 23, 2009



Since my arrival at Indian Skies RV Resort, I’ve been busy organizing the interior of the motorhome, as I never did get a chance after my return last summer. Almost immediately I had taken it over to Owasco RV to do the necessary repairs after the damage I did last summer in Revelstoke, B.C. I pulled out too tightly from the curb where I was parked and hit an ornamental iron lamppost with roundels on it, and managed to slice three holes in the side of the RV. It took some time for Owasco to work up an estimate for the insurance company ($8,000!!!), and then some time for the insurance company to approve the work. Thank goodness for insurance companies that play fair—I was very concerned that they would say that the RV was too old and refuse to pay, so I was greatly relieved when I finally heard that the work was going ahead. However, it took Owasco RV until December to do the extensive work involved.

And after that I took it over to Blue Enright for him to look at the generator (which wasn’t working). Blue and his neighbour Winston spent many, many hours on it, replacing parts (one of which had been installed upside down), but they persevered and it is now operational again, and I will now be able to do some boondocking in the desert when I leave Indian Skies in early April.

But I digress. As a consequence of all the time spent getting repairs done, I never did get a chance to take out the stuff from last year’s trip and only threw in boxes of new stuff (including all my beading materials). And now I am slowly sifting through everything to make some semblance of order inside.

Social Stuff

If I were so inclined, I could be busy with one activity or another every minute of the day here at Indian Skies. So far I went to a bingo (didn’t win); donuts and coffee morning (won some delicious cinnamon buns made by Betty here); visited the lending library in the park; attended a craft class to help Penny and Doug; visited with various people here; spent time at Happy Hour hosted by Stephen and Anna; gone shopping with Anna (in her car); spent time in the hot tub etc. etc. That leaves precious little time to re-organize everything, but I’ve managed to tackle the kitchen area and the bedroom area, stow away my winter clothes and get started on unpacking boxes. But there is still quite a bit to do. And of course, I want to complete the writing I have been doing for the Wild Carnivore website. I still have two more habitats to research and compose. And after that I want to try my hand at writing a book based on my blog of last year. And I have a few other projects also in mind to tackle, as well as participating in the activities here and getting around Arizona more to see things I missed last year.

Billiards Room, Indian Skies
Craft Class
On Saturday, January 24 I am going to a pancake breakfast, and then going with Penny and Linda to a craft sale at a neighbouring RV park. And so it goes every day.

Pool Area, Indian Skies
Blue and June Enright are driving my car down here after first going to a friend’s birthday party in South Carolina. As of Friday, January 23 they had made it to El Paso and expect to arrive Saturday evening. I’ve arranged for them to rent a trailer here in the park, but unfortunately they are flying home on Monday, so they will really only have one day to sample Arizona.

It will be nice to have a car to travel around in.

And so, I will update my blog from time to time, but it won’t be detailed like last time.

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