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January 19, 2009

Mileage 125,100

Just in case the camping really wasn’t free and fearing that someone might come over to charge me, I got up early and headed westward once again. Listening to the radio, I concluded that they really like the group Nickleback out here. They play them often. Carrie Underwood is another favourite.

Just past Holbrook I detoured to see the Meteor Crater that is a National Natural Landmark. 50,000 years ago a meteorite estimated to be 150 feet across and weighing several hundred thousand tons, struck the earth at this spot. The resulting shock waves would have devastated the surrounding area and the iron-nickel meteorite vapourized and melted. It left behind a crater 700 feet deep and over 4000 feet across. At the same time over 175 million tons of limestone and sandstone were thrown out to form a continuous blanket of debris for over a mile.

Don’t get the idea that I am well-learned. I’m taking this information from the brochure at the site. Since the crater resembles that of the craters on the moon, NASA astronauts trained in this area from 1964 to 1972, in preparation for the moon landing.

After taking in this site (Ripley had to stay in the motorhome), we continued on our way to Flagstaff and then south through snowy mountains. We slowly dropped in elevation until the snow disappeared and stopped for the night at Fordes Junction RV and Motel. The site cost $11 with my Passport America membership, but they wanted an extra $5 to use the showers!! I’ve never encountered that before, and needless to say, I passed.

Ripley at Fordes Junction, Arizona

Mileage at the end of day – 125,417 – Total for day 317 km.

January 20, 2009

We were only two hours away from our destination, so I got up leisurely and watched the historic inauguration of Barack Obama before moving on. It was an event that I wanted to watch because of its place in history. Ripley noticed three quail scooting past – a great sight after not seeing any wildlife for days, except for the odd crow/raven.

We then were on our way once again, stopping at Love’s Truck Stop for gas and some snacks. But I am now wearing a t-shirt, having discarded several layers of sweaters, etc. along the way. What a glorious feeling to be back in the warmth and sunshine of Arizona! And to see that the vegetation is starting to flower.

After having driven through slush, salt roads and snow, Philippa was looking pretty filthy, not to mention my bike attached to the back. I treated them both to a truck wash, where four people with heavy pressure sprayers worked them over, and they came out sparkling clean – for $27. Worth every penny.

On the way through Casa Grande I stopped at Petsmart to stock up on Ripley’s kibble, but they didn’t have the brand that I have been using (Solid Gold), so I am trying out Wilderness brand, which is also supposed to be a natural dog food containing little or no grains. Hope Ripley likes it when I switch (adding some of the old with the new of course).

We finally pulled into Indian Skies RV Resort around 3:00, checked in with RoseMarry at the office and pulled into our old site between Hoppy and Georgia (from Montana) and their dog Shaggy (a shitzu) and Lorne and Eileen from Whitby, Ontario on the other side. The only problem is that there are two large holes near the water taps and electric hook up, so I’ll have to see what can be done about that.

Indian Skies RV Resort Office and Rec Areas

Ripley and I went around renewing old friendships with Penny and Doug (from Bayfield, Ontario), Klara and Mick (Perth, Ontario) and Stephen and Anna (Collingwood, Ontario), as well as several others whose names I can’t remember. Everyone here is friendly, whether you know them or not. They’ll say hi as they pass, and people like Hoppy and Stephen are there to help you if you have a problem. For instance, Hoppy came over to get my hot water going.

It’s good to be back.

Mileage 125,648 km. Total from home – 4,025 km. or 2,501 miles.

From now on I will not be providing information on a daily basis. I simply have too many projects to work on (writing for money; doing crafts; traveling around Arizona; joining in the many activities here at Indian Skies. But I will give you highlights and hope you won’t mind. Thanks to all of you who did request that I continue writing a blog on this trip. It’s really nice to know that people are interested in what I am doing.

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