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January 24, 2009

Blue and June Enright arrived on the afternoon of Saturday, January 24, with my car after journeying cross country from South Carolina. They had a good time, stopping in New Orleans, but mostly just driving. It’s a long way.

I’ve arranged for them to rent one of the park’s trailers for the two nights that they are here. We got together for awhile for a beer, but they were tired, so we retired early.

This has been a very difficult day for me. Last night I received an email from my brother Carl back in Brampton, Ontario to tell me that his wife Jennie has been in the ICU at the hospital since January 16th, suffering from pneumonia. She is now heavily sedated and is breathing through a tube down her throat. The doctors don’t seem to hold out much hope for her recovery. I am devastated and am preparing to fly home; however I called Carl today and he suggested that I wait until Monday. His middle son Brad lives in Japan and is flying home.

January 25, 2009

Blue treated us to breakfast at Tags Restaurant here in Coolidge, but first I took them by an empty subdivision where I had seen a burrowing owl last year. They were as excited as I was to see that there were a pair together in that spot,

PLUS we saw two other individual owls in the same subdivision. There are no houses built there; only the underground stuff and cement sidewalks have been built and hopefully, it will stay that way. It was great to be with two people who get as pumped as I do when sighting animals in their own habitat.

After this exciting start, we drove up to the Apache Trail around the Superstition Mountains, stopping first at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, featuring a wide variety of cacti and succulents from North America as well as Africa, plus Australian trees. Blue and June were snapping photos like crazy. Blue was born in Australia, and was particularly interested in seeing the gum trees, but he also is fascinated by cacti. I once had quite a collection of succulents so it was fascinating for me also to see them growing here. And of course, Ripley was with us and enjoyed the walk around the vast grounds.

We then pressed on to Tonto National Monument to climb up to the cliff dwellings there. The Salado people lived here, going up and down the steep hills to get their water from the rivers below, which have now been dammed to form Lake Roosevelt. I had visited here last year, but I enjoyed visiting a second time and the Enrights found it quite fascinating.

It was then time to turn around, and I was pleased to be a passenger today while Blue did all the driving.
We arrived back at Indian Skies just in time for June and me to go to the ice cream social where we sat with Penny and Doug and many others whose names I can’t remember. Blue and June are quite taken with the place and are seriously considering renting a trailer next year.

It was a wonderful day and being with Blue and June really kept me occupied and my mind off my sister in law. However, the news is not good back home.

January 26, 2009

I drove Blue and June to the airport in Phoenix for them to catch their plane back home. It’s a shame that they really only had one day to see Arizona, but I’m sure they will be back.

Afterwards, I headed over to Mesa to visit with Jerry and Diane Ziolkoski. Jerry is my father’s brother’s son (cousin) whom I have had the pleasure of seeing last year both here in Arizona as well as at their cottage in Kenora, Ontario on my way through. My phone has not been working well here, so Diane took me over to Wal Mart so that I could purchase a new phone that will provide better service in this area. My new phone number is (520) 709-0708.

When we returned, Diane invited me for lunch but when she checked with the park manager, she was told that Ripley could not even remain in the car. I knew it was a No Pets park, but I thought that she would be alright staying in the car. So, Diane wrapped up a sandwich to go. A quick visit, but I’m sure we’ll get together again.

January 28, 2009

I’ve been gradually sorting out everything in the motorhome, and today I went over to painting class, just to check it out. There is no teacher, but Peggy and Jan offered to help me. I’m not sure that I would be any good at it, but I will try first by tracing a pattern, and then go from there.

I have been in daily contact with my brother and the news is not good. Jennie has now developed pancreatitis. We discussed whether I should fly back, but Carl said there would be nothing for me to do. Jennie is unconscious and doesn’t recognize anybody; he has his three children and two close friends for support, but we’ll just play it day by day.

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Kim Meehan said...

Hi Marilyn!

Sorry to hear about your bad news regarding your sister in law. Seems like January has been quite a month for people not doing well as three of relatives have passed away.
Glad to know things are going well in Arizona.
I heard from Kathy and she says all is well in Cameroon. Nessa has charge of a baby chimp in the forest and all is okay.
Take care!