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January, 2009

Winter is here yet again in Ontario and it is time for me to head off to sunnier climes. After a very lengthy time at Owasco RV, Phillippa is now repaired. Last year I damaged the motorhome when pulling out from a curb, scraping three holes in the side. Little did I realize that the damage was quite extensive because the entire side had to be re-covered in order to prevent water damage, and a new compartment door, shower door and bumper had to be replaced -- $8,000 damage in all! Thank goodness for insurance.

However, the generator still was not working. I asked my friend Blue Enright to take a look and great friend that he is, he and his buddy Winston spent hours and hours solving the problem. They weren't about to let it go until the generator was fixed. They replaced the fuel pump, condensor and some other assorted parts and finally, after many days -- success! So I now have the option of electricity and heat when parked.

Starting Off - January 10, 2009 JANUARY 12, 2009
Start mileage from Pickering - 121,623 km

There have already been a few snowfalls in Ontario and ideally I would have left just after Christmas. Nevertheless, Ripley and I started out around 9:00 a.m. from the Enrights' house. I dropped my car off there because June and Blue will be driving it down to Arizona for me. It's going to be great to have a car to drive around in once I arrive, instead of having to unhook Phillippa when I want to go somewhere.

After a stop at my brother's house in Brampton to pick up my mail, we headed down the 401 and managed to get as far as Sarnia. I didn't expect to get that far, but the roads were clear most of the way. Because the weather is bitterly cold, I chose to stay at the East Mount Motel in Sarnia ($50 with seniors discount). The furnace in the motorhome is not really equipped for such an extreme temperature.

I'm concerned about the pain in my arthritic neck caused from the posture of driving. I'm trying a neck pillow and it helps somewhat, and I have an Obusform for my back, but I'm still having trouble.

January 11, 2009

We got off to an early start, crossed the border at Port Huron without any problems, and took Highway 69 in Michigan. Unfortunately I have a migraine today and feel quite nauseous, so I didn't drive as far as I had hoped. I got as far as Lansing and decided to stop at Motel 6 to recover. There's lots of snow here. I went to Denny's to try to eat something, but ate only a few bites of my BLT sandwich. Ripley will be the beneficiary.

Odometer reads 122,243 km.

Mileage at Lansing, Michigan - 122,243

Total today – 522 km.

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