Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Here's a photo of Ripley on the bed in the RV. Isn't she cute?
I'm in Rimouski tonight and the St. Lawrence Seaway is just across the road. The scenery is finally getting interesting. I've passed mountains with lovely, tidy-lookiing farms in the valleys. Most seem to be dairy or beef farms, with hayfields in between.

I stopped briefly at Bic National Park and considered camping there, but the sites are all on a bare field, with no trees, so decided to move on. The site I am at tonight is okay, but not what I would call spectacular. There is very little space between the RV's, but it does have wireless internet, and mine is working! Hooray!
I had trouble backing my RV into the small space but a neighbour camper came over to give directions. He and his family have two dogs - a big white dog of unknown breed and a springer spaniel. Ripley and I encountered them later on when we went for a walk. The springer spaniel was off leash and seemed hellbent on rushing over to Ripley. I don't think it was for a friendly visit either. Luckily, he heeded his owner and returned to them. We continued on our walk up a steep logging road and into a deserted hayfield where Ripley had a wonderful time charging around the field and leaping on top of the bales (these are big round bales and she had no trouble at all jumping up). since it was dusk, I was a little concerned about bears etc. being around, so we stayed for only a short while.
So, we're finally in the Gaspe, and I'm looking forward to trying out some seafood and going whale watching, if possible.

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